Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why I began this Blog

Six years ago, on a balcony overlooking Lake Como, Italy, my cousin Jenifer and I were nearing the end of a 8-week shoestring trip through Europe.  In preparing ourselves to re-enter reality, we decided to sit down and write some goals for ourselves - our "Top 10 by 2010" list.  She was younger than I, and at 22 (bless her boy-crazy heart) her list included things like own copper cookware and spend New Year's Eve in Paris.  I was feeling a deeper longing, with two months of my biggest concern being "Should I check email at the internet cafe before or after laying on the beach drinking cappucino and smoking Marb lights."  Yikes... I promise you that lasted a very isolated 8 weeks and never happened again.

As for my list, which I gave to her for safe-keeping as she gave me hers to be stashed away in our travel journal until the Summer of 2010, which seemed an infathomably long 5 years away...  (Ah, how long 5 years looks to a 20-something or someone who hasn't watched kids grow up...)  My list included things like pursue a meaningful career in a freelance capacity and marry my soulmate.  Deep... The final goal on my list... #10... and the only one I hadn't accomplished by the time we opened those envelopes last summer.... the one I'd been unable to get clear on and what made me feel "stuck in mud."  That goal was very broad but very elusive.  It said simply:  WRITE SOMETHING.

I considered a memoir of my childhood experiences which included growing up (from preschool to highschool) with my whole world focused on my mother's 10-year battle with breast cancer.  But I wasn't able to take that on... too heavy, too daunting.  I've thought about children's books, but that vision hasn't fully come together yet.  But then a few days ago, on my Mother's would-be Birthday, as a matter of fact, I began to feel inspired and suddenly felt overflowing with information that almost had to be shared.  And then I opened the Hummus.


I've never seen a sticker on a Hummus lid before.  It struck me as hilarious; and as I laughed, I marveled at the Universe.  So funny!  So true.  I had to begin.

And it's with this intention - to begin to share - all the things I learned those many early years chasing non-traditional, alternative approaches to a cure (which have come in very handy as I have faced my own serious health issues) and the many things I learn each day about how to nurture my family and protect their health, that I write this blog.

Much of my inspiration also comes from my Grandma, who at the age of 87 is still actively pursuing her best health.  She never stops reading on health topics, relies almost entirely on nutrition (and chiropractic) as medicine, is constantly referencing Adelle Davis, she takes her vitamins religiously, even at the Olive Garden when we go to lunch - and true to her generous heart, she always brings some for me. 

You'll find that I am not over-the-top on my wellness pursuit.  I enjoy a dinner of steak and carmelized onions, yes, with bleu cheese and red wine.  I drink coffee with heavy whipping cream.  I love ice cream and baking.  I am not perfect and I am do not want to be.  I get really excited about good food.  But above all, I love being healthy, feeling good, and knowing that I am doing everything I can to keep it that way - so I can be here for myself, and for my family. 

Happy Birthday Mom, and Happy Birthday Me.

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